Just Rob. (lousyitachi) wrote,
Just Rob.

A cosplay S.O.S.

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So what would another Otakon be without a last minute WIG DISASTER?

My Gakupo wig is of course not going to get here in time, despite the promises in broken English from the seller. I specifically declined paying extra for EMS shipping to get it here in 7 days because I was told it would be here in time, but apparently China's customs are to thank for me being out 56 bucks-worth of purpleness.




Lightish purple, short in the back and with bangs, with very long strips extending down from where the tabs of the wig would be (can be accomplished with extensions I suppose). There's also a high ponytail on it.

Does anybody have anything that could work that I could borrow Saturday night? Long and purple, suggest anything!
Tags: cosplay, cosplay progress, otakon
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